Become a Mad Diet Rep

Become a Mad Diet Rep

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Flexible working.  Supportive Team. Free Online Training.

Mad Diet is a bestselling book and specially formulated range of micronutrients to support mental health and metabolism.  A word-of-mouth phenomenon with hundreds of thousands of readers, an army of supporters on social media, and a growing number of loyal customers, Mad Diet is more like a movement than a brand!

The UK supplement market is valued at over £400m with over half of people taking vitamins regularly.  But all supplements are not created equal and the vast majority of products on the market contain inferior formulas, poor quality ingredients, undesirable additives, and most come in plastic packaging.

Many people within our community are already telling friends, family, and work colleagues about Mad Diet so it makes sense they are rewarded for spreading the word.  Our Community Rep programme is an ideal top-up income for those looking to work flexible hours from home, and a lucrative business opportunity for experienced network marketers.

Our Mad Diet Representatives Benefit From:

  • 25% commission on sales
  • 15% commission on affiliate sales (sharing your unique affiliate link online)
  • Monthly and Annual incentives – organic food hampers, meal vouchers, cooking holidays and more.
  • Free digital marketing materials
  • Free training presentations
  • Supportive community – together we can make a difference!

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